Lazy Step

Lazy Step is an acoustic blues duo by Flavio Cipriano (voice, harmonica) and Fabrizio Bezzini (acoustic guitar, resophonic guitar, ukulele). The repetoire includes songs stolen from old Delta blues, Piedmont blues and gospel recordings of the Twenties and Thirties, as well as Chicago blues in this naturally acoustic approach.
We first met in Bologna some years ago when we were studying at the Bologna University. We found ourselves sharing a common love for the blues and have spent a lot of time together listening to old records, going to see shows and trying to learn how to play the songs we liked best.
 As an acoustic duo we’ve never needed to find a special room to play. We would meet in one of our apartments (not really ours... in this case you know, we gotta’ pay da’ rent, Mofo! ) and just work our stuff out. Afterwards, when we decided to make a record, we thought that the best way for this was to record in the same situation that we used to practice and rehearse. So, we decided to not go to the studio, but instead to bring the studio to one of our apartments... we are really friggin’ lazy, you know! On the 10th of February 2008 we met at Fabrizio’s house with Paolo our sound engineer.
Joined by our friend Francesco, also a musician and Fabrizio’s roommate, we all had lunch together. Then Paolo set up a couple of mikes in front of us and we just played. Every song is recorded the “old school way”, no overdubs, just live. The entire recording is basically an after lunch live session in Fabrizio’s kitchen, so we can modestly and honestly call it.... “Blues in the kitchen”. Lazy Step started playing in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna (Italy) as busker and then played hundreds of venues and festivals around Italy and Europe.